Landlord Referral Program

Landlord Referral Program

Welcome to  the Allô Housing referral program with which you can benefit from significant discounts. If you already work with us and, in addition, you know someone who may also be interested in maximizing their benefits, then you can become an ambassador for Allô Housing.


  • 50% discount for you on our fees for 6 months
  • Equal conditions apply to your referral.


How do I join the Allô Housing referral program?

Joining is quick and easy. You will only need to fill out the form below and one of our agents will contact you to validate the information.

Who can join the Allô Housing referral program?

Any owner who is currently working with Allô Housing and anyone who has a property and wants to maximize its profitability.

Terms and Conditions

It is necessary to accept the  terms and conditions , as well as the  privacy policy .

The Allô Housing referral program will be valid for all those who meet the following conditions.

  • You must validate and verify that you are a new owner and that the referent is working with Allô Housing.
  • The program will take effect once the data is validated.
  • Discounts will be applied in the next financial cycle.
  • The new owner must keep the contract with Allô Housing for a minimum of one year.
  • The program starts operation from 12/20/2019.
  • Allô Housing reserves the right to cancel the program.
  • Allô Housing may publish other promotions and / or additional benefits in the referral program that may be applicable, unless otherwise indicated.

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